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Nursing Staff

When the practice changed hands in 2006 there were 5 nurses. This number has grown considerably over recent years due to practice expansion and several staff now work on a part time basis. All the nursing staff continually update their skills and knowledge with regular courses and are all registered with the General Dental Council. They are all able to work in all areas of the practice and are very happy to help their colleagues out when work gets a little busy. They are a close team who enjoy their time at work and with each other socially. The practice and the patients are very lucky to have such a consistent, reliable and recognisable staff group.

Lynsey Grant
Lynsey Grant :: GDC no 127212

Nursing since 1993
With the practice since 2005
Practice administration and accounts
Sedation Nurse


Elaine Gibson
Elaine Gibson :: GDC no 127211

Nursing since 1990
With the practice since 1992

Irene Cunningham
Irene Cunningham :: GDC no 171674

Nursing since 1975
With the practice since 2009


Shana Ewing
Shana Ewing :: GDC registration in progress

Nursing since 2016
With the practice since 2017

Lynn Whiting
Lynn Whiting :: GDC no 157850

Nursing since 2005
With the practice since 2009
Childsmile Nurse


Roisin O'Malley
Roisin O'Malley :: GDC no 201349

Nursing since 2008
With the practice since 2010
Sedation Nurse

Dionne Millar
Dionne Millar :: GDC no 235083

Nursing since 2009
With the practice since 2012

Karen Bird
Karen Bird :: GDC no 120034

Nursing since 1998
With the practice since 2013
Sedation Nurse


Karen Hillen
Karen Hillen :: GDC no 246108

Nursing since 1993
With the practice since 2013

Amy MacPhee
Amy MacPhee :: GDC no 251651

Nursing since 2011
With the practice since 2015

Taylor Elder
Taylor Elder :: in training

Started nursing 2018
With the practice since 2018

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